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Andrei Gafița campion național la 10 km marș
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La finele săptămânii trecute suceveanul Andrei Gafița a cucerit titlul de campion național la proba de 10 km marș, junior 1, și s-a calificat la Campionatul Balcanic care va avea loc pe data de 12 aprilie în Bulgaria.

Hunor Karamán 6.12 Meters - National Champion at Long Jump



It was only Hunor Karamán who succeeded at jumping over 6 meters at the national athletics championship for youth, organized last weekend in Bacau.


Fundatia pentru comunitate

Official statement to the press

Statement to the press – September 23, 2009

MOL Romania starts the child healing social responsibility program

The Community Foundation and MOL Romania are announcing a new element of the ‘May I help?’ social responsibility program, the purpose of which is the improving of the health of children.

In this way, those civilian organizations can obtain support, which organize programs involving emotional or art therapy for children suffering of chronic diseases, living with a handicap or recovering after a long hospital treatment.

One applying organization can get a sum of 20,000 RON forefinancing for such a program that they wish to carry out in the period November 23, 2009 and October 23, 2010. The requirements for the support can be handed in until October 23.

The judging of the applications which are handed in will be done by Enikő Albert -Lőrincz, professor of the Babeş – Bolyai University from
Cluj – Napoca, department of Social Care.
The applications that she considers worth supporting will be ranked by a jury made up of specialists, whose members are Dr.Violeta Stan, neuropsychiatrist for children, professor of the Medical School from Timişoara (chairwoman),
Dr. Nicolae Hâncu, professor of the Iuliu Haţieganu Medical School from Cluj – Napoca, Chairman of the Romanian Diabetes Federation, member of the Romanian Medical Academy, Csaba Böjte, Franciscan monk, chairman of the St. Francis Foundation from Deva, Cătălin  Ştefănescu, media specialist, presenter of  the talk show entitled ’Garantat 100 %’ [ 100 % Guaranteed] on the RTV1 and Éva Ráduly – Zörgő, child psychologist, associate professor of the Babeş – Bolyai University. The final list of the supported ones is approved by the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundation.

’MOL takes an active part in the life of the community and this is carried out through social responsibility programs. The new program starting in 2009 is meant to civilian organizations, but with it we would like to help children, young people living with a deficiency or children suffering of diseases. The ’May I help ?’ program  has existed for exceptional young people in sports or art; now the time has come to turn with the ’May I help?’ question towards those young people to whom life has limited possibilities because of their state of health’, declared Zsolt Szalay, coutry chairman of MOL Romania.

’If a clown appears on the corridor of the hospital, the referred children can forget their disease, pain. If an association organizes a camp for children with diabetes, they can have such experiences, from which they have been isolated earlier because of their disease. Through this application, there appears a source of aid, where it was very difficult to get sponsors’, declared Árpád Gazda, chairman of the Community Foundation.  

The ’May I help? – Child Healing’ Program is organized by the Community Foundation with the money supplied by MOL Romania. The text of the announcement and the application form can be found on the websites http:// www.pentrucomunitate.ro
and http:// www.molromania.ro. 


Statement to the press – July 30, 2009    

MOL supports 100 young talents

MOL Romania and the Community Foundation has announced the winners of the ’May I help?’ program of 2009. Among the winners there is Anamaria Tămârjan, member of the Romanian representative women gymnastics team which got a bronze medal at the Olympiad from Beijing, Vasile Alexandru Ghilea, tennisman,, who was top of the list of his age – group in 2008 and Bernadett Bálint, the best of her age – group in table – tennis in Europe. The list of the winners includes that of the violinist
Francesco Ionascu, who has won prizes in several national and international competitions.

The young sportsmen and artists have got a support of 60,000Eu. From this sum of money, the 40,000 Eu alloted to the sports, the beneficiaries are 74 winners, who are coming from 20 counties. The most of them have obtained results in the fighting sports (martial arts, karate, judo), but the number of the swimmers, athletes is also significant.
The territorial list is led by the sportsmen from Bucharest but many of them from Hunedoara, Satu – Mare, Arad or Prahova could also be happy when the results were published. The 20, 000 Eu alloted to young artists is divided among 26 winners, the highest number being that of musicians, but art, theatre and ballet applications also get support.

’MOL takes an active part in the life of the community. We stand up for those  young sportsmen and artists, who want to develop their performances. We encourage them in their evelopment and we are always glad when the young people whom we support get  on top of the European ranking list in their age – group or they perform on concerts of well – known orchestras. We are investing in the future with the support of the younger generation.’ - declared Zsolt Szalay, coutry chairman of MOL Romania.

For the first time in 2009, a young sportsman, who managed to be on the list of the winners, has obtained remarkable results in table – tennis competitions for people with deficiencies. ’I am very glad that  through Vlad Alexandru Bordea we could send a positive sign to this social group, too.In my opinion, the effort of young people with deficiencies is not less than the effort of the other winners’ – declared Árpád Gazda, chairman of the Community Foundation.

The talent seeking program of the MOL has had a great success this year, too: the organizers have registered more than 300 applications from 29 counties of the country, from the different fields of sports and art. The list of winners was drawn up by two juries of specialists, the sports jury was led by athlete Violeta Beclea – Szekely, the sports jury by pianist Erich Türk. The list of winners can be seen on the websites www.pentrucomunitate.ro and www.molromania.ro.

The ’May I help?’ program is the regional social responsibility program of the MOL – group, it has been going on in Hungary since 2005, in Slovakia since 2007 and in Romania since 2006. In the three countries more than 2,100 people got to a support of more than 800,000 Eu. 

Mol Plc is the biggest integrated oil and gas company from central and eastern Europe, its centre is Budapest. The Mol group carries on its activity in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CSI countries.  With more than 33,000 employees, MOL owns 1,500 petrol stations in central and south – east Europe. At present, the MOL Romania has 135 petrol stations.

The Community Foundation is a non – profit organization which was established in 2008 in Cluj – Napoca and which supports cultural, educational, social, sport and community activities. The Foundation puts a special stress on those programs, which are carried out through central and eastern European partnerships.

 Statement to the press – May 25, 2009

The organizers of ‘May I help? –MOL – talent seeking program’are facing too many applications. There have arrived 30 % more applications to this year‘s competition than that of last year. In the program created for the talented children and young people 223  applications were handed in for the sports category and 75 in the art category. The jury will have more work to do but we can reassure every applicant that the judging will be as professional as in the last years’, declared Árpád Gazda, Chairman of the Community Foundation.

’Within the ’May I help?’ program, the art category is in the running in stage, that’s why I am glad that it has arisen the interest of talented young people. Even if this is the 4th year, that we are part of the program as initiators and supporters, we are looking forward to the decision of the jury as well and we hope that through our financial support the best chosen ones will manage to obtain remarkable results’ – emphasized Zsolt Szalay, coutry chairman of MOL Romania.

The staff consisting of Violeta Beclea – Székely, European champion athlete,  Simona Amânar – Tabără, Olympic champion gymnast, Mihai Covaliu, Olympic champion fencer, Doina Sava, swimming coach and Florentin Marinescu, martial art association chairman are  ranking the applications of the sportsmen. The order of the art applications is drawn by the jury consisting of Erich Turk, organ player, Daniel Goiti, pianist, Timotei Nadasan, graphic artist and Zsuzsa Selyem, essay writer. In the sports category, the most of the applications came from the field of fighting sports, in arts from that of music. Many applicants attached photos, CDs, DVDs, besides the documents in order to convince the jury. It can be seen that they dealt much time with the putting together of the files, which shows that they feel it very important to obtain the support of MOL Romania with the help of the program‘ – declared Árpád Gazda.

WITH THE PROGRAM, mol Romania and the Community Foundation gives a support worth 40,000Eu for the talented young sportsmen, and 20,000Eu for the ones remarkable in arts. The support could be applied by young people aged between 8 – 18, who have already had results in national or international competitions. The list of teh winners will be published by the organizers until July 31, on the www.pentrucomunitate.ro and on the www.molromania.ro websites.

MOL Romania and the Community Foundation launches the 4th edition of the programme May I help?

Mol Romania, in partnership with the Community Foundation, announces the start of the talent promoting programme ‘Pot ajuta?’ [May I help?], an initiative which is at the fourth consecutive edition. The programme is national and it is open to young people aged between 8-18 who have special performances in sports and arts. These people may apply for the programme in the period lasting between May 4 and June 12. This year, MOL Romania will offer 40,000 EUR to the young sportsmen and 20,000 EUR to the young artists.

In order to obtain a sponsorship in the MOL programme ‘Pot ajuta?’ the young people may apply individually and with the team they belong to. The details of the programme can be found on www.molromania.ro and www.pentrucomunitate.ro, starting with
May 4.

“We have decided to continue the programme ‘Pot ajuta?’ even in these economic conditions because the programmes of social responsibility, and especially the support of  talents constitutes an important part of our strategy, which follows the principles of lasting development. We strongly believe the fact that the young people represent the future and the investments in the future will have results. As we see things in perspective in our business strategies, we believe that the same principle has to be applied concerning the talented young people, who have to be supported in the building of their own future”,
declares Zsolt Szalay, Country Chairman MOL Romania.

As part of the first three editions, 217individual sportsmen / women, teams, young artists and artistic bands were supported from the whole country, the value of the sponsorship granted until now being 140,000 EUR.

“The Community Foundation was established exactly with the aim of supporting the talented young people, to offer help in the succeeding of cultural programmes and the
co-operation with Mol Romania in this programme helps us fulfil these objectives. We hope that with this co-operation we would have the possibility to give a helping hand to some exceptional young people in sports as well as in arts”,
declares Arpad Gazda, president of the Community Foundation.  

This year, the applications will be selected by two expert juries - for sports and for arts. The president of the sports jury is Violeta Beclea-Szekely, ex-champion in athletics, PhD in sports and the president of the arts jury is the organist Erich Turk, PhD in music.

The programme ‘Pot ajuta?’ is applied on a regional level, being successfully implemented by the MOL Group in Hungary since 2005 and in Slovakia since 2007. On a Group level, there were sponsored more than 2,100 people in the three countries where the programme is carried on and the amount allocated by the MOL Group exceeded 800,000 EUR.   

                                                          # # #

Mol Romania is a retail oil company, a part of the MOL Group, the biggest integrated oil and gas company from central and eastern Europe. Employing 15,000 people, the company carries on its activity in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CSI countries. MOL owns three oil distilleries in Hungary, Slovakia and Italy.


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